Initializers, also known as constructors in other programming languages, have two types: and . They are used to initialize properties or customize a variable or object for classes or structs.

Designated init

This type of the Initializer is frequently seen in Swift class, also named as primary Initializer

  • Designated…


Both and are used to synchronise changes between branches. The difference is will revise the commits but keep a clean organised history, while will keep all the original commits and add ones automatically but gives out a circuit board like history.

Real world scenarios


Actions and func are another ways to create delegates.

Action is a delegate that points to a method which in turn accepts one or more arguments but returns no value.

Func is a delegate that points to a method that accepts one or more arguments and returns a value.

  • Action…

Recently I was working on a legacy project written in Objective-C, which reminded me of the early days when working on Objective-C projects.

In the code I saw few things like the following which defines a constant:

#define car_price 300

creates a macro which simply do the replacement for…

This article demonstrates how to connect iMessage service to your Android phone/pad so that you can contact your iPhone friends freely from now on. To finish the article will take 5 mins.


  • A mac laptop or server
  • Android Phone
  • iPhone (optional for testing)

Features of AirMessage:

  • Safe: all the…

What is Swift Package?

According to Apple’s doc:

For developers, has the native support from Apple, which is recommended way of using 3rd libraries.

How to use

Go to :

Recently I joined a project where the architecture follows the Clean-Swift VIP Pattern. This article is an overview and some thoughts from a mobile developer’s perspective who have NEVER touched the VIP architecture before. …

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