Action and Func in C#

Actions and func are another ways to create delegates.

Action is a delegate that points to a method which in turn accepts one or more arguments but returns no value.

Func is a delegate that points to a method that accepts one or more arguments and returns a value.

  • Action and Func can be used with delegates
  • Action and Func can be used as method parameters

Example of Action

Action doesn’t return any value.

// action with generic type
Action<Book> printBookTitle = delegate(Book book)

// action without generic type
Action printLog = delegate {

Example of Func

Takes one or more parameters, and return a value which the type is the last parameters.

// Func convert an integer to string
Func<int, string> toString = delegate(int i)
return i.ToString();


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Originally published at on December 26, 2020.




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